Flat Screen Monitor

  EFC1878 11:29 27 Jul 05

I am seriously thinking about buying a flat screen (TFT/LCD) monitor is the very near future but am a bit phased by the choice on offer!

Any tips for selecting a monitor? Any reviews that would be worthwhile me looking at?

One screen that catches my eye is a LG L1715S 17" TFT - but not sure why that stands out.

I use my pc for the usual tasks incluidng video editing and intend to install a TV card (freeview digital card).

Any advice would be appreciated.


I have had a tft screen for over a year now and had no problems. I bought it at the time off e-buyer and was very price orientated, I too didn't understand about spec etc. Alot will have to do with how good your graphics card is I feel.

  Batch 13:55 27 Jul 05

I think you need a fast response time if you want to do video editing / watch TV, otherwise you'll find fast moving objects leave trails / blur as they move.

I've got an AOC 19" with 25ms response and it isn't anywhere near fast enough for video. Ultimately the faster the better. I'd suggest no more than 16ms, ideally slower (I recently saw a JVC TV with a claimed response time of 7ms).

  Batch 13:55 27 Jul 05

that should have read "...ideally faster..."

  Stuartli 14:04 27 Jul 05

dabs.com has the 17in ViewSonic VE710 at a new lower price of £151.71 - the response time is 8ms and resolution is 1280 x 1024.

Mey in 395LDM into the quicklinx box on the website.

A good graphics card should cope quite happily.

  Arnie 14:47 27 Jul 05

My iiyama Prolite E435S-B 17 inch (45cm)monitor , is a superb piece of kit.
Also iiyama (Stevenage UK) have always answered my e-mails and sent me the correct drivers for my model.

click here=

click here

  EFC1878 23:29 28 Jul 05

[email protected]

The monitor that I saw was on E Buyuer - I trust/assume that the dealing you had with them in purchasing your monitor went well?

  EFC1878 23:32 28 Jul 05


Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post.

Looking at your responses the clear message is that the lower 'ms' the better.

Apologies for appearing ignornat but what does 'ms' mean and what does it do.

I have picked up on the fact that the reason that I do video editing means from your advice that I need to go to a lower 'ms' and I am intrigued to know a little bit more

  DieSse 23:57 28 Jul 05

ms = milliseconds = thousandths of a second.

The response time is a measure of how quickly the monitor can show changes that have been made to the picture on the screen. If this is too slow, when the picture is changing quickly, the monitor cannot keep up - and the picture can become blurred, and there may be remnants if the previous picture still on the screen - so you get "tails" behind a fast moving object.

At 25ms this can be quite noticeable - at 16ms, much less so, and at 8ms, almost unnoticeable.

  mjf85 09:22 29 Jul 05

HI mate
Firstly good choice on the TFT.
Right responce time is better as low as you can, I got a 8ms (millisecond or 0.001) responce time which is not too bad, dont go for a 20ms or higher one as your image will suffer for it.
The dot pitch depends on the size of your monitor you are going to buy, normally the lower means the better as there would be more pixels displaying your image.
Another thing to watch out for is the viewing angle, mine is 160 degrees horazontal and vertical, this will affect how use ful your screen is.
The input, DVI vs VGA. DVI is digital video interface, and only the newer graphics cards would have them, so depending on your machine I would look for one with a VGA interfaces.
Contrast Ratio, is normally in the form 16:9 or something silimar. This means that say you can a picture, 100 x 100 and you wanted to display it on this screen, it would multiply the 100*16 for the horazontal and 100*9 for the vertical. It is also refered to as the aspect ratio. For reference on this TV is broadcast on 16:9.
Refresh rate is how many times the screen will update itself. it is measured in hertz, which is defined as one change per second. So 60hurtz means the screen will update its display 60 times a second. Normally u dont have to worry about refresh rates on TFT's as the pixel responce time (as I covered earlier) does basically the same thing but of you are going to watch TV on your computer I would keep the refresh rates between 6--65 Hertz
Hope this helps.
Any other problems just ask

  Stuartli 16:49 30 Jul 05

From August 4th, Aldi is offering a 17in Medion TFT for £139.99 with a 12ms response time.

Don't know whose product is being rebadged by Medion yet though.

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