Flat screen display or CRT monitor

  dobbin 09:02 08 Sep 03

I wish to replace the monitor on my wife's computer as she suffers eye strain. The computer is used only for business purposes and space is not a problem, could anyone advise me which type of monitor is kinder on the eyes, a flat screen display or a conventional CRT?

  Lozzy 09:12 08 Sep 03

An LCD screen is by far kinder to the eyes. The prices of them have dropped making them a a good buy.. Shop around for the best deal. My suggestion would be to go for a branded make like LG where there is a good solid warranty. Have a look in PCA Monitor reviews..

  wotbus@ 09:17 08 Sep 03

I went through this sometime ago when upgrading. In a nut-shell the best screen is the one you like best. I opted for a high spec CRT (its as flat as a TFT but obviously bulkier/heavier). No problems with having to accept u/s pixels but of course there are disadvantages like power consumption and emmissions. I found the display on a lot of the TFT's very sharp and "contrasty" and have no regret opting for my CRT, but the choice has to be that of your wife who should try to compare diffent screens side by side in a store. My CRT is a Diamond Pro 930SB by Mitsubishi and its perfect for me.

  Rayuk 09:22 08 Sep 03

Would advise going to shop and look at some in operation.[Dare I say PCWorld for one]

17" have a native resolution of 1280x1024 which may appear too small for some people

What monitor do you have now and what MHz do you run it at best is minimum of 85MHz

I have just brought a 19" TFT to replace a fantastic Iiyama Vison Master Pro 510 22" CRT. (Nothing wrong with it, apart from having to keep it in a room by itself it was so big).

The problem with ANY crt is that the screen is refreshed continousely and hence you will get a "Flicker". Whether you have the frequency set high enough that you do not notice this is immerterial as you eyes/brain will still pick it up even if you dont conciousely.

With a TFT there is none of this and therefore they are far kinder to the eyes and long periods of work do not produce the headaches/eyestrain and general "tiredness" etc that I have been used to with a CRT.

Also, the contrast mentioned by wotbus@ is actually a benefit to your wife. Text (which I assume she users most) appears well defined and very sharp and clear.

My new CTX P922E is fantastic and I doubt very much if I would ever consider reverting to a CRT again.

  wotbus@ 09:43 08 Sep 03

Totally agree Smiffy99. You confirm my response that its simply a personal choice. Now, what's the best wine...

  Mango Grummit 10:14 08 Sep 03

TFT for space and style.

CRT for quality and value for money.

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