Flashing broadband light

  Robert-272781 10:35 10 Sep 05

My BT voyager seems to be continually active with the light flashing regardless whether I have a browser or e-mail open. I've got Norton antivirus and security loaded and up to date.

Does anyone know what causes this and whether I need to try and stop it?

I've run the virus scan check on all files in my PC but norton didn't find any problems.

The PC appears to be working ok.



  beansdad 10:54 10 Sep 05

Suggest some spy or ad ware is working - try running Spybot and Ad-Aware. both are free downloads.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 11:52 10 Sep 05

click here
for spybot

click here for adaware

  Robert-272781 13:47 11 Sep 05

Many thanks for the advice.

I decided to run the official Microsoft spyware software from the microsoft site and it found 6 programmes!

I thought that Norton was supposed to stop these things - I was naive!.

It all looks clear now.

Thanks again


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