Flash Text not appearing

  Deadly Assassins 13:04 21 Feb 04

Hey ive put flash text on my site click here and it aint apearing. it should be underneath where it says latest news. if comes up on ur screen then theres a problem with my computer. Can anyone tell me why it doesnt come up.

  Deadly Assassins 13:36 21 Feb 04

on my internet browser is till saying '5 item remaining' and thos 5 items are the flash text. how do i make them apear.

  Belatucadrus 15:15 21 Feb 04

IE6 gives the same message you refer to & Mozilla Firefox recons it's completed the page, but without the Flash text. As to why, I don't know. I can use flash but really dislike it, try posting in the WebDesign forum, there's bound to be somebody there with an answer.

  Rennaissance 15:35 21 Feb 04

its flash alright, 5 items remain. right click and it says it is flash. Try changing the quality of your flash image to low or medium as the source code says it is on high, and maybe it will load quicker.

  Deadly Assassins 16:03 21 Feb 04

ok ill try that

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