Flash Player update warning in IE.

  thumbscrew 05 May 13

I've just switched to Windows7 and a great many times when I call up a page in IE, I get an on screen message...."Warning please update Flash Player". There are a couple of boxes there marked update and install. I actually clicked on one yesterday and it seemed to be loading...not updating, but I'm still getting the message, which doesn't seem to appear in Firefox. Can anyone advise please?

  jaywoo 05 May 13

Get the latest version here - http://www.filehippo.com/downloadflashplayerie/14809/

Close IE before installing. If you still get the messages, post again.

  jaywoo 05 May 13

http :// www.filehippo.com / downloadflashplayerie / 14809/

maybe that one works better - take out the spaces

  rdave13 05 May 13

Update to IE 10.

  jaywoo 05 May 13

OK, how about this link instead...


Well well well, looks like FileHippo don't host the original file any more - so it takes you to the Adobe installation page. Just remember to untick the "bonus" software it wants to foist on you before clicking Download Now

  rdave13 05 May 13

jaywoo, nobody is allowed to host older version of Flash anymore hence my recommendation to upgrade IE to the 10 version.

  jaywoo 05 May 13

rdave13 - that's news to me. Why does software that needs updating so often and is regularly called out for issues try to make things harder to keep up to date - Java is another one. Seems to suit them that people need to keep running the latest installers to update, and have to untick toolbars or browsers or addons first.

Missed your post amongst all my failed attempts at posting the link!

  rdave13 05 May 13

I run without Java RE and IE now updates Flash as a matter of course.

  thumbscrew 05 May 13

Thanks jaywoo and rdave...very helpful. I actually thought it was a scam popup, somehow didn't seem kosher. rdave,can I just install 10 directly on to my machine or do I have to do anything to my version 9 first, and why will that stop the update warning?

  rdave13 05 May 13

Check Windows update first. When you have all the updates, including SP1, you should be offered IE 10. That's the way I'd go, otherwise look here.

IE 10 has flash player integrated to the browser and will auto update.

You won't need to do anything with IE 9.

  thumbscrew 05 May 13

Many thanks jaywoo and rdave for your patience,help and advice.


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