Flash Player problem

  spgspgspg 17:02 31 Jul 09

I have read various previous posts regarding Flash Player and Internet Explorer but cannot see one that matches my problem.

On my PC I have 3 users - mine, called "Home" (which is the administrator) and one each for my son and daughter. A while ago my daughter must have made some clicks that she shouldn't have and somehow disabled Flash Player on her user only, the other two worked OK. A more PC literate friend of mine played around and managed to get her back up and running but in doing so disabled FP on my user. Since then no amount of effort has restored it.

I have removed FP using both the application in Add/Remove Programs and (what I think is) a deeper removal using RevoUninstaller, then tried re-installing. When installing (carrying out all uninstalling and reinstalling while in administrator) I get a message to click on the gold bar at the top of the screen (seen many times before for other matters), but there is no gold bar to click on. This does however re-instal FP in my sons and daughters user but still won't work in my Administrator user.

If I add a new user and even make it the administrator, FP works OK with no action on my part.

I have checked the security settings to check that there are ticks in the right places and even got one of my IT guys at work to log on remotely and check what is going on but he couldn't see anything wrong with the settings which are the same as for my son and daughters.

Does anyone have any ideas to get FP working for all users?

I assume that a work around isn't something as simple as setting up a new administrator, remaning the current administrator "XYZ" then naming new user "Home" as I assume that certain programs and data will be unavailable/lost to the new user - which wouldn't be a good idea as my wife has work programs and data saved to this user.

Thanks very much

  BRYNIT 18:34 31 Jul 09

Dont know if it will work but instaed of installing FP direct from the web browser you could download FP from click here save it to your HD and then reinstall.

  Sea Urchin 18:13 01 Aug 09

.....and note there are two versions of Flash Player - one for IE and one for other browsers

click here

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