Flash Player - I need to download it fresh every day?

  wee eddie 20:18 PM 18 Jun 13

For some reason Each day I need to re-load Flash Player.

Any one know what I am doing wrong or why this is happening?

  wee eddie 23:49 PM 18 Jun 13

The installation of Flash seems to survive the PC being turned off.

However BBC's iPlayer no longer recognises that it's there and shows a plain black rectangle where there should be the Play Logo. If I then re-download Flash, all is well again until the PC is, once again, turned off. Then it's back to square one.

  wee eddie 04:06 AM 06 Jul 13


  rdave13 14:35 PM 06 Jul 13

Check in Internet Explorer, tools, manage add-ons that Shockwave flash object is enabled.

  wee eddie 15:21 PM 06 Jul 13

Yes, both 32bit and 64bit.

  rdave13 16:11 PM 06 Jul 13

This thread suggests turning User Account Control to 'off'.

  iscanut2 17:25 PM 06 Jul 13

What browser are you using with it ? Have you saved the download and then tried to install it from the downloaded file without any browser being active ?

  wee eddie 15:46 PM 07 Jul 13

When you have clicked and started Flash's Download, it asks you to close the Browser. When finished it says that you have successfully downloaded Flash.

I have tried Download & Save before loading. Again, all works until the PC is turned off. When the PC is rebooted, it's gone again!

However, at no point, since I deleted my original copy of Flash to update at Secunia's recommendation, has the Flash appeared in "All Programs" list under the Start Button

  wee eddie 15:49 PM 07 Jul 13

Tomorrow is my day off.

I shall try in "Safe Mode"

  rdave13 16:00 PM 07 Jul 13

Flash player is listed in control panel not All Programs. Don't know your OS but guessed 7.

  wee eddie 14:35 PM 10 Jul 13

I've given up ~~~~~~

and accepted that I'll have top re-download Flash every time I wish to watch something on BBC's iPlayer.

There is no problem with other Sites that need Flash.

I have informed the BBC of the problem and received an automated reply but nothing else for a few days.


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