Flash drive and W98

  Jessgus 17:48 06 Jan 08

I have a PNY Attache 2GB flash drive and was given a CD containing a driver for using the drive with Windows 98SE but nobody provides instructions anymore.

How do I use these items? Do I put the CD in the drive before inserting the flash drive or after? Do I have to copy the driver to some file or just leave it in the drive? Is it OK to insert and remove the flash drive while the PC is on?

  Clapton is God 18:25 06 Jan 08

At the risk of stating the obvious - put the CD in the drive and follow the instructions.

  Grey Goo 18:28 06 Jan 08

You may have to get a USB 2 card in order to utilise this device as intended. Unless your machine is USB2 enabled already.

  Clapton is God 18:39 06 Jan 08

"You may have to get a USB 2 card in order to utilise this device"


USB 2 flash drives will work in USB 1 sockets - albeit at a slower speed.

  Grey Goo 19:33 06 Jan 08

I said "as intended"

  Jessgus 20:41 07 Jan 08

If, when I had inserted the CD in the drive there had been any instructions, my question to this Forum would not have arisen. That I suggest, is what is obvious.

  Scottiedogg 21:12 07 Jan 08

Hi JessGus - classic! Love the way you silenced the masses in one sentence!! Now I have had a good laugh, CD comes first. The driver must be installed so Win98 knows what you've plugged in. when you put in the CD, open the folder and look for a file ending .exe (most win98 driver discs have an executable installer). Double click this and follow the instructions. You may need to reboot after installation but you will be advised of this. After reboot, plug in USB drive and you may need to run through a simple setup wizard (some win98 mass storage devices want you to name them etc. at this point), otherwise, you're ready to transfer files as you wish. Never remove a flash drive while transferring data but it's fine to do so when dormant. If unsure, hit the 'safely remove hardware' icon in the system tray.
Hope this helps, Scott

  Jessgus 10:04 08 Jan 08

Thanks Scott, exactly what I was looking for. The subject computer is in a charity where I work as a part time volunteer so I will only be able to try it out on Friday.

  Jessgus 16:57 09 Jan 08

Hello Scott, I've given up on this one, the CD does not contain anything that makes sense. I will take it back to PC World and ask them to look at it. Thanks anyway. Jessgus.

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