Flash Drive Protection

  scottjg1 16 Jun 11

Hi everyone

I have 4 USB flash drives with audio, video, .doc and pdf files. the files are copyright and I want to copy protect the drives so no one can take any of the files off by copy - pasting or drag - drop does anyone know how this can be done? I have played around with the security permissions of the drive but as soon as I stop it from being drag-dropped the file will no longer open.

Any ideas

Thanks Scott

  woodchip 16 Jun 11

Well that's the whole point of it. How can the flash drive know that its you that trying to open it, unless it allows you to use a Password

  scottjg1 16 Jun 11

If I password protect it no one else will be able to view the files unless they have the password in which case they would be able to copy the files too. I have come across drives before that give a pop up message when anything is tried to be copied or dragged off the drive and wondered if this was possible to do.


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