Flash drive is freezing my PC (Mystery)

  vanillaman 18:00 22 Mar 08

I just bought a flash drive for my WinXP SP2 Home edition. As soon as I inserted it, my computer froze and locked up. I've tried it in all my additional USB ports and it remains the same. Even if I insert it prior to boot up, Windows stops and freezes. My webcam works fine and the memory stick light comes on, but the `New Hardware Detected' indicator doesn't even show. I don't have anything else taking up USB ports other than my webcam. I've tried uninstalling then reinstalling my USBs and that didn't cure it. I've tried it in other computers, not my own, and it worked fine on them.

This seems to be a mystery, which nobody seems to have an answer for?????


  Diodorus Siculus 18:18 22 Mar 08

Will it work on its own, with no other USB hardware connected?

  skidzy 19:27 22 Mar 08

I think Dio is hinting a possible power issue here,can you confirm that if you have tried the flash drive on its own with no other usb devices connected ?

  Technotiger 19:30 22 Mar 08

If you have only just bought it, I would take it back and get it exchanged for one that works.

  vanillaman 21:57 22 Mar 08

Can I just make it clear that as it worked on other computers, there is obviously no reason to return it to where I bought it

  Technotiger 22:01 22 Mar 08

Ooops, sorry, I missed that bit :-(

  Technotiger 22:07 22 Mar 08

OK, so your flash-drive does work on other computers - but, do other flash-drives work on your computer?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:08 23 Mar 08

As I asked initially, will it work without the webcam connected, ie when it is the only item connected via USB?

  vanillaman 11:14 23 Mar 08

No, it won't work without the webcam connected either, as I tried that too.

  Technotiger 13:29 23 Mar 08

Have you tried a different flash-drive (even though the one you have works on other computers)?

  vanillaman 13:36 23 Mar 08

No, I haven't tried different flash drives. There's is little point.

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