Flash Bios

  anskyber 14:21 03 Sep 06

As a general rule advice seems to be avoid at any costs updating your BIOS, particularly if things are otherwise working well.

I have heard of cases where PCs have been rendered useless by tampering with the BIOS. My machine (perhaps all are like mine ) has a flashable BIOS. Does such a feature improve the reliabilty of updates?

  SANTOS7 14:26 03 Sep 06

If your system is working without problems or conflicts, then it is not recommended that you flash your bios.
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text taken from link..

  anskyber 14:35 03 Sep 06

Thanks, that rather confirms my understanding.

PS, my Dad could not remember yours, mind you he is a bit forgetful now!

  SANTOS7 14:41 03 Sep 06

Thats ok, bit of a long shot, thanks for asking tho.

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