Flakey Hard Drive

  Pita BT 16:58 24 Mar 07

Bad blocks appearing. Time to install new drive.
Got one. Larger than the old one.
Need to clone the old one, to the new one, to ensure all contents are on new drive (including XP Home Operating System)so that when new drive is designated C: drive, I need it to boot.
I need to know what software I had best use to accomplish successful cloning.
I have heard that Norton Ghost is such a program. Will that suit my needs or is there something better?
Grateful for any information.
Regards Laurie.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:22 24 Mar 07

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The problem will cloning is you also clone the bad sectors and need a drive exactly the same size to restore to.

  Pita BT 17:35 24 Mar 07

Thanks for quick response.
Not too many bad blocks so far so maybe not much of a problem.
What I need to know is, can I make an image on another drive, to then use that as C: drive and consequently boot from it and chuck the dodgy drive?

  Pita BT 17:36 24 Mar 07

I assume that if the drive has to be the same size for the image, then if the drive is larger, a partition of the correct size may work, yes?

  Pita BT 16:15 29 Mar 07

Used CMaXX to clone the hard drive to a larger but partitioned drive.
CMaXX creates a boot floppy with software to effect the cloning operation.Consequently Windows is not running during cloning so there are no sharing violation errors.
Takes a long time with a large disk but was effortless and effective.
PC now running perfectly with new HD in place with XP OS transferred.

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