flaash drive shows as two seperate drives

  mitch2891 16:14 23 Mar 07

Hi gang , just bought a 2gb flash drive to backup files on my laptop . I was surprised to see that when I plugged it in and then went back to 'my Computer' it shows as two removable drives, a H drive and an I drive . Is this normal .?? signed ,'confused'

  The Brigadier 16:18 23 Mar 07

Did it come with software on it?

  mitch2891 16:24 23 Mar 07

yes it did some password protection software,but I didn't want the hassle of pass wording this flash drive all the time, plus it took too much space

  mitch2891 16:41 23 Mar 07

Would the software have made any difference?

  ventanas 16:48 23 Mar 07

Not unusual, I've got one that appears as B and F.
The B drive emulates a floppy and is therefore bootable. It can be turned off with a switch on the side.

  Hwaqar1234 16:51 23 Mar 07

it is only cd drives

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