jack 08:30 14 Jun 05

Has any one successfully made use of the above?
They list two modes of looking at manuals
HTML a page at a time or download complete manuals in PDF
They reccomend you use HTML- which means looking up the relevant manual and selecting the page[s] you want to down load.

All I seem to be getting is a page of text titles
and captions with the important illustrations

Any comment please

  scooby43 09:09 14 Jun 05

I have not looked at this site before but ill have a look.

  Dipso 14:30 14 Jun 05

click here He's away at the mo.

  Joe R 14:39 14 Jun 05


when on the web page, click on file, and then save page as, and ensure the drop down box, says "web page complete"

  jack 20:08 14 Jun 05

I know WC reccommended it - but others may have tried it.

Save as webpage complete -natch, I always do
but still no piccies

I can only do it by piccies :o((

  Joe R 20:13 14 Jun 05


can you not download the pdf manuals.?

  woodchip 20:24 14 Jun 05

I am back after a long drive yesterday, from Inverness to Sheffield in one go about 400 miles. The Printer sit puts a black line through page as it charges for full clear Manual. But the site gives you an idea of the help, and may just get your problem cleared by guessing what's behind the black line

  woodchip 20:36 14 Jun 05

This one of the pics on my EPSON 680
click here

  Spark6 20:40 14 Jun 05

You've put my mind at rest. I checked the site for repair info on my Epson 860 and gave up because of the image sizes and black lines.

Happy to know that there's a cunning financial reason for the problems. Removed from my favourites!

  woodchip 20:45 14 Jun 05

It may be cheaper than a new Printer as they also stock Printer Spares

  jack 10:57 15 Jun 05

The reason for my quest is curiosty really
I had recently to return my R300- see click here
Abd in going into the loft to get the box to pack in ,I discovered the 750 photo it replaced.
The local agent declinded to fix it -waste ink overflow. hence New R300
So out of curiosity I took it apart - sans manual
cleaned up the waste tank - I appreciate now why the agent did not want to know- and shold have stopped there- but I didnt- san suddenly one screw too far- bling -springs and cogs all over the place
Soo look for manual - but I wont buy one - it was only curiosity- I think I'll persevere a while before binning it.

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