fix it utilities instal problem

  geeman001 17:11 12 Jul 08

Hi all,
I am trying to install the above software(on cover disc) it keeps asking for a serial number?...i have registered on the website...where is the serial number?

  ronalddonald 17:49 12 Jul 08

product in a box?

When i brought mine several years ago there was a little white book. the serial number is either inside cover front or back. It should somewhere in that book. It written pretty small so beware tyring to type it in as it can be misread eaily.

Are you sure you want to use this product?

The reason why im asking is that the regisrty cleaner is a very over zealous and i remeber i use tohave software conflicts while i tried to install fix it utilites.

I ahvent used it now for at least 3 years. Pc tools spware doctor is a good program to use.
click here

Well i gues its your choice but there are plenty of other programs that can help your computer from

click here

  ronalddonald 17:53 12 Jul 08

remebr it can speed up the computer and clean the computer but these pograms can be a little long at first and there is a very good defrag on fix it utilites but like i said there cna be conflicts of registry items missing and some software isnt compatible with it and when you eventually install diasble the anti vius and firewall in cse of conflict. After its installed enable these software programs

  geeman001 18:11 12 Jul 08

thanks for the replies...
it is on the cover disc of the new pc advisor...magazine seem to like it..but during installation its asks for a serial number...and wont carry on with out...oh well...i'll try spware doctor...

  ambra4 19:40 12 Jul 08

In the pc advisor magazine go to the program disc section and take a read it should tell you how to

get the key for Fix It Utilities Program

  Hercules02 23:29 12 Jul 08

Ive had the same problem - the on line registration is supposed to give you a serial number at the end - but it doesn't :o(((

  geeman001 00:15 13 Jul 08

i searched on google...and found click here all sorted!

  geeman001 00:16 13 Jul 08

the magazine was incorrect..again doesnt give you a serial code...follow the link above and it will :)

  Dumfy 01:07 27 Jul 08

Many thanks geeman001

This caught me out too. Looks like a good program to use.

Have you used it yet and if so, how do you find it?



  uncled 16:08 28 Jul 08

I had the same problem with Fix-It 7 on the CD.
I went to the AVANQUEST.COM website and clicked on SUPPORT. After explaining my problem, I received an E-Mail with a Serial Number. try It !

  RickyC :-) 16:48 28 Jul 08

As explained in the magazine on page 137 and on the cover disc interface, you need to register on the developer's website - click here to obtain your serial number.


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