Fittings for HDD

  ams4127 16:49 08 Feb 03

I have just purchased a second HDD and, on opening the case, discovered that the original drive is held in place by two blue plastic clips and that the same mounting must be used for the new one. It's a brilliant system as you just depress the ends and the drive slides out.

I have tried PCW, Dabs, Jungle and Overclockers without success.

Does anyone know where I can get a pair of these clips?

Thanks in advance.

  coordinator 16:53 08 Feb 03

I did the same as you but also found that there were mounting holes for crews. If there are not then try one of the computer fairs that do the rounds. You can usually pick up all sorts of obscure bits and pieces from there and at bargain prices!

  ams4127 16:58 08 Feb 03

Thanks Coordinator for your quick response. Unfortunately, in my case (pardon the pun) the mounting frame is latticed - if that's the right description - and I can't use the screws without some er...adaptation, which I don't want to try just yet.

  Gongoozler 17:38 08 Feb 03

ams4127, I think you will find that these parts are supplied by the maker of the case, so unless you can get some second hand you'll have to "adapt" something to do the job.

  ams4127 17:57 08 Feb 03

I had a feeling that might be the route I shall have to explore.

I am going to try Western Digital on Monday and see what they say.

Lord knows who made the case, it was a Panrix!

Thanks for your help.

  Pesala 18:06 08 Feb 03

Have box-shifters Panrix gone bellyup?

click here

  ams4127 19:36 08 Feb 03

Yes! That's my luck!

I'll close this thread now and hope for some info from WD on Monday.

Thanks to all.

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