Fitting sound this right?

  edenworkshops 09 Sep 12


It has been determined that the sound card which is built into the mother board has died and I need to fit a sound card.

My PC is about three years old, Ime not sure what type of sound card I need to get to fit the sockets in my mother board, I know the name PCI sound card from somewhere??

I understand I have to go into the bios and deselect the on board sound card, I think I can do that.

Then I understand that the PC will automaticaly find the new sound card when it reboots.

A few pointers would be welcome. I dont need a fancy audio sound card, something basic will sound great after the distorted sound I have been putting up with.

Thank you


  lotvic 09 Sep 12

If you post your motherboard model number, suggestions can then be made.

The number should be printed on the board somewhere. It will look something like: ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3

Or if you have SIW or similar system information program you can look in there for the mobo model.

  edenworkshops 09 Sep 12

This is what SIW tells me:

Property Value Manufacturer ASUSTek Computer Inc. Model P4P800-MX Version Rev 1.xx Serial Number MB-1234567890

Hows that?


  wee eddie 09 Sep 12

I am now running with USB Sound. Just plug it into a spare USB Port and plug your Speakers or Mike in.

Can be had for less than a Tenner (£10.00) on eBay.

  lotvic 09 Sep 12

If this is it:

It has 3 ordinary PCI Expansion Slots (the long white slots) so any ordinary PCI sound card will fit.

  edenworkshops 10 Sep 12

Thank you for your suggestions.

So USB or a sound card.


  lotvic 10 Sep 12

My link to picture and specs above didn't work so here it is again ClickHere It is the pca formatting that turns any text between two _'s into italics...

  wee eddie 10 Sep 12

Amazon's stuff

USB is so cheap and you do not need to open the Case. Buy one and if you don't like it, bin it and get a card


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