fitting new HD and operating system

  daisy2bell 10:58 05 Mar 07

I have a sneaky suspicion that my HD is on it's way out.

Do I need to look for anything in particular when buying a replacement.
When fitting the new one, is it a simple "out with the old, and in with the new" and pluging all the cables in.

I have got a Compaq system recovery CD, so when the new HD is fitted is it just a simple matter of loading the CD and installing everything.

  ventanas 11:27 05 Mar 07

Possibly, and then again possibly not.
Many system hard discs have a small partition that contains info that links to the recovery disc. If you change the drive then that information is lost. In that case the recovery disc will not work. I have seen this happen on a number of occasions. But you may be lucky. There is only one way to find out, unless anyone else knows about these machines.
If it won't work with a new hard drive you will either have to buy a new retail operating system, or purchase the new disc from Compaq, if one ist still available.

  FatboySlim71 11:47 05 Mar 07

This may be of interest to you. My friend used this program a few weeks ago to transfer all his data/operating system on to his new hard drive.

Regarding your question "is it a simple "out with the old, and in with the new" and pluging all the cables in.
"Like ventanas has said "Possibly, and then again possibly not".

But once you have your new hard drive installed and whilst you still have your old hard drive still installed as well you can then use the below program to transfer EVERYTHING off of your old hard drive and then put it back on to the new hard drive.

click here

  Strawballs 12:45 05 Mar 07

When you buy your new drive go to the website of the manufacturer they usually have software that can be downloaded for this purpose eg Maxtor have one called maxblast while your old drive is still working put in the new drive copy the contents using this software then take out the old drive and use the new one as the master.

  daisy2bell 13:20 05 Mar 07

Thanks guys. I have "Local Disk (C:) and a HP Recovery (D:)
So I would imagine that I would need to purchase a new "retail operating system"
I take it that this is the XP software?
I'll also check with Compaq about "new disc"

  daisy2bell 15:25 05 Mar 07

Just had an email back from Compaq, and here is their reply

"you can use the Recovery disks on the new hard drive because the
recovery disks will once again create recovery partition on the Hard Drive."

So is it now a question of instaling a new HD, and then inserting the CD and let it install.

  al7478 15:39 05 Mar 07

Would'nt Acronis TI accomplish the same thing? I do'nt know this, mind, its just a suggestion/query?

  Batch 16:22 05 Mar 07

You'll need to make sure that the new hard drive is compatible with your existing disk controller. I would guess that it is an ATA drive (rather than a SATA drive).

On that basis, pretty much any ATA drive should do as they are backwards compatible. How big is your existing drive? You'll probably find it difficult to get anything below 40GB.

  Spark6 16:24 05 Mar 07

daisy2bell already has a recovery disc that, according to Compaq, will do the job FOC.

  al7478 16:32 05 Mar 07

inded he has, but i wasnt aware of that at the time, so thought it was worth asking.

  daisy2bell 17:09 05 Mar 07

Thanks. How do I find out if my drive is either ATA or SATA.
My existing drive is 160GB 7200rpm

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