fitting new hard drive to laptop

  little jack 11 Apr 12

I am thinking of buying a second hand Dell Amd Athlon Inspiron M101Z the hard drive has been removed . I need to fit a new hard drive (can i upgrade it ? )and load Window 7 . So i need advise as to what hard drive to purchase and how to reboot laptop or do i just load the driver from Windows 7 ? thanks for any help .

  rickf 11 Apr 12

Firstly you need to know if the connection for the laptop is IDE or Sata. Check the specs of the Dell model and that should tell you which to buy. Should be a prob upgrading to Wins 7 but increase the ram to 4g. I suspect the laptop comes with 2g?

  little jack 11 Apr 12

Hard drive i Sata . Do you mean no problem upgradingto window 7 ?

  onthelimit1 11 Apr 12

You won't be upgrading, you'll be doing a clean install - those versions of W7 are quite expensive. You may have problems with drivers. I'd visit the Dell site to see if they provide W7 drivers for that laptop.

  Strawballs 11 Apr 12

If your installing Win 7 then 2gig Ram will be sufficient.

  lotvic 11 Apr 12

Before you buy W7, download and burn your own DVD to install and try out for 30 days for free. Page of info for all versions and direct links for the MS official downloads ClickHere scroll down to the English (USA) SP1 U (media refresh) versions.

  rickf 12 Apr 12

2g ram is minimum better to have more for W7 if you can.


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