Fitting a new Blue Ray drive in spare port

  rsedw 15:07 05 Aug 10

I have an HP Pavillion ( PC which has a spare optical drive slot.
As I have an HD Video camera I would like to fit a new Blu Ray drive in the spare slot.
Is this a difficult process or would I be able to manage it myself?

I am reasonably 'handy' and can usually turn my hand to most things. What I don't want to do is ruin the new drive or my computer if it is a job best left to a professional. I have changed my RAM in my computer without mishap.
Thank you very much in advance.

  FreeCell 17:58 05 Aug 10

Should be reasonably straightforward as your PC already has a SATA drive and a Blue Ray drive will be SATA.

Need to connect a spare power connector from inside the PC and you may need to buy a SATA cable if it doesn't come with the new drive (most don't include a cable). Plenty available on ebay.

For a guide on what's involved see

click here

  gazzaho 04:58 06 Aug 10

Sata is easier to install than IDE and doesn't affect hard drive performance, on old IDE systems you had to have your optical drive on a different channel to the hard drive or the slower optical drive slowed down the hard drive, plus you don't have to set jumpers, you just plug in and go.

Heres a site (click here) explaining it much like the one FreeCell supplied but it has pictures too.

  rsedw 12:08 06 Aug 10


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