Fitting Large Second Hard Disk

  Scrivers 21:22 05 Jul 05

I've recently had a problem fitting a second large capacity hard disk. My computer does not want to accept a 250Gb hd. When I fitted it I could not format it. Disk manager would recognise it and I could allocate a letter. I could format a partition of 125Gb but the remainder won't format. My primary hd is 120Gb. My computer is a 2.4GHz P4. Anyone any ideas?

  greenlamp 22:45 05 Jul 05

It could be that you need to upgrade your motherboards bios to be able to utilise a large hard drive to its full capacity, visit your motherboard manufacturers website for full details

  Danoh 01:26 06 Jul 05

Which operating system do you have? For example, Windows XP without SP1 or SP2 installed can only address 131-137 Gb.

  Fred the flour grader 09:31 06 Jul 05

I added a 2nd drive three years ago with help from the guys in here. I had a 6.4 gb and added a 80gb.
My motherboard would not accept anything over 11.5gb so I was advised to purchase a PCI controller card from Maplin. It cost £19.99 and it works fine. It fits just like a graphics card onto your motherboard and then you plug your new hard drive into the IDE channel sockets on the board. All the instructions were in the box and it saves you doing scary things in my opinion like "flashing the bios".

Good luck

  bananaslik 12:24 06 Jul 05

Scrivers, i will presume that u r using windows xp,what u need is to go to maxtors site & d/load the 'Big Drive Enabler'once u install it windows will let u c the full size.(it doesn't matter if your drive isn't a maxtor it will still work)u will also need to have service pack one or two in.

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