Fitting Intel motherboardboard into Lian-Li case

  Catastrophe 10:37 28 Oct 06

I am trying to fit an Intel D865GBF board into a Lian-Li case. I have only fitted a board into a case once and that was long ago and different.

The holes in the board correspond with holes in the case but I seem to remember having to insulate the board from the case. In the first case I tried, I think a riser or something was supplied to fit between the holes.

I tried taking the wire out of curtain railing and using the plastic around the screws, and this works but I wouldn't like to trust it long term.

The board says follow case instructions but I didn't find any manual with the case.

I have done most other upgrades many times but have very little experience with M/Bs. Any advice gratefully received.

  Catastrophe 11:21 28 Oct 06

OK I have found some risers but was I wrong about board having to be insulated from case. The article I found does not show any insulation.

Thanks for any comments.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:28 28 Oct 06

or possbilly the silver metal studs (Standoffs) you simply work out where the holes are and screw in these to match the mounting holes on the Motherboard itself. Or sometimes they are in the format of a Plastic screw in stud which are more tempermental and these have to be firmly but delecately alingned to screw in.

Or some of the lian li have them already fitted. The is no need to put any washers on if they are arround as on the motherboard around the hole where u would put a screw there is a silver shielding which acts as protection from some slight missalign.

So simply screw in the studs and align carefully with the motherboard.

But first fit the rear of the case motherboard I/o Plate shield before fitting the motherboard.

  Catastrophe 11:45 28 Oct 06

Many thanks for your help. I will mark as resolved.

I was confused by the fact that the small case from which I took this board appeared to have an insulating washer between the screw top and the board before screwing into the board.

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