Fitting 2nd hand HDD

  24seven 14:09 14 Apr 03

I would like to use a 10GB harddisk from another PC as a second one. I currently run win98 but originally was on win95, so I could only have partitions up to 2GB. My question is.. Will I be able to use the second drive as 1x 10GB one or 5 'virtual' ones of 2GB each?


  Megatyte 14:18 14 Apr 03

Fdisk it and systematically delete all the partitions and then re-partition to max size.


  MartinT-B 14:19 14 Apr 03

You can have it anyway you like.

1 x 10GB
2 X 5GB
3 x 3GB + 1 x 1GB
4 x 2.5GB

I'd suggest that you use Fdisk and create/merge/resize the partions as you'd like them, then actually Format the disk using Windows.

Windows formats at the full HD disk speed (5400, 7200, 10000rpm whatever the HDD spins at in normal use), Fdisk formats at the same speed as the floppy and therefore takes a lot longer.


  Taylor44 14:20 14 Apr 03

You can partition your drive in any ratio you find convenient i.e two 5 gig partitions.One 6 gig and one 4 gig.Use Partition magic software if you have it or one of the versions sometimed found on cover discs.Hope this helps.

  24seven 14:22 14 Apr 03

Thanks for the replies, am I right in thinking then that the 2GB limit is due to the OS (win95) and not the mobo or anthing else?

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