first time burning-what is a disc image?

  jay9614 19:31 09 Oct 06

i've tried burning a disc for the first time. i put a load of files, music and video on a cd-r as a data disk. i am using nero/windows. it turned out as a disc image and i cant open the files.
a few questions:

1.can i burn different files (music, video, pictures and shortcuts. maybe text) on the same disc?

2.which formats should i use (what is data disc for?)

3. can i burn something as a whole folder instead of individual files?

4. how do i use the disc image i have made?
it has music, video and file folders. i though i would be able to open and browse it but media player tries to play it.

  jay9614 19:33 09 Oct 06

oh yeah, its a dvd ram drive. whats the difference from dvd-rw?

  harry1888 19:56 09 Oct 06

1 - yes
2 - Data is like the stuff your trying to burn
3 - yes
4 - Its a long story, google it. Chuck disc in bin, get a fresh one and start again as below.

Before you add things to the disc to be burnt make sure the recorder is set to cdr or dvdr not on the image recorder options.

  jay9614 20:01 09 Oct 06

if i want to burn multiple files to disc should i burn as a data disc/audio /video?

  harry1888 20:03 09 Oct 06

If it has dvd ram it'll be a multi format drive. Buy dvd+r and cd-r as they are the cheapest and most compatible with other hardware.

Dvd formats - click here

  harry1888 20:05 09 Oct 06

Data. Only use audio if your copying a music cd or making one out of mp3's.

  jay9614 20:10 09 Oct 06


  harry1888 20:14 09 Oct 06

Your welcome. Check the help file within nero and it should answer most questions. Everyone makes silver coasters to begin with but discs are cheap.

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