First time building a gaming pc

  niall929 30 Jan 12

Hi, this is my first time building a gaming computer and i'm pretty clueless. I don't really know what parts are good and what parts are bad so I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or suggestions on some of the parts. I have around £620 to spend on everything including the monitor. Also, would it be easier to buy a ready made pc? If so leave some suggestions for that also :3 Any help is appreciated :)

  KRONOS the First 31 Jan 12

CPU: i5 2500K. £161.21 LN37506

Mobo: GA-Z68P-DS3 - £75.22 LN41414

RAM: 4gb 1600mhz DDR3 - £24.48 LN37493

HDD: 1 x 500GB - £31.43 LN28751

PSU: EZcool 500W - £25.67 LN8039

GPU: XFX HD 6870 £137.62 LN37721

CASE: Coolermaster Elite 430 £38.38 LN34936

CD/DVD: SATA DVDRW £13.99 LN39605

OS: Windows 7 32 BIT OEM £73.28 LN29160

Which comes to about £615.00 with postage.

The LN numbers you can just put in the search bar at Scan Computing.

This is just to give you some idea.It is more than possible to shave a few quid off but not enough for a monitor.

  niall929 01 Feb 12

Thanks alot :D I'll have a look at them now :)

  KRONOS the First 01 Feb 12

Sorry I meant to add that the HDD might be more expensive now due to the shortage following the problems in Indonesia where most are made.Any questions don't hesitate to ask.


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