First Gaming PC Help Please

  azsquil 17 Mar 13

I am thinking about buying a pc to use for both gaming and general use, I want to spend somewhere in the region of £500. I want the best i can get for the money, i just want the tower and not a monitor or keyboard etc. I was thinking about building myself but that seems like alot of work, is it worth building yourself? If someone could direct me to a particular pc on a site that would be great (preferably a site that does pay monthly). If you think i would save alot of money building myself could someone give me a list of components. I want to be able to run games on full 1080p resolution minimum. thanks in advance, Alex

  Chronos the 2nd 17 Mar 13

You will struggle to get a top notch gaming PC for £500. When you consider deducting £70+ for the operating system then you really only have perhaps £425 left. But I will see what I can come up with.

A quick look at a company that has a pretty good reputation found the following.


Chillblast Fusion Wolverine.

Chillblast Fusion Firefly.

Nothing between them except one has a Nvidia graphics card the other has an AMD.

I don't think build with your budget is really an option.

  azsquil 17 Mar 13

OK, how much would I need to spend do you think?

  Chronos the 2nd 17 Mar 13

The above two will suite your needs and as more money becomes available then you can upgrade the graphics card (GPU).


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