First free Cloud Anti Virus

  northumbria61 12:42 24 Aug 12

I used to use Panda Antivirus software years ago but there is now a "Cloud" version available for FREE if anyone is interested. There is an option to purchase the PRO version.!/free-antivirus-download

  northumbria61 13:51 24 Aug 12

Click on Learn More in that LINK (left side of page below female picture) - next screen shows comparisons between FREE and PRO versions - at the bottom of that screen 3 options - choosing How does it Work you have option to view Video. This will explain All !

  northumbria61 13:58 24 Aug 12

Jock1e - explained - enter link description here

  northumbria61 14:01 24 Aug 12

An even better explanation with test results - enter link description here

  rdave13 14:37 24 Aug 12

Avast partially uses the Cloud , hybrid cloud technology

  northumbria61 15:00 24 Aug 12

Jock1e - it does not matter what Security program site that you visit they will all say the same,they are the best.

I do agree with you on that but I posted this as a First Free Cloud Antivirus for anyone interested in trying it out as an alternative to other Antivirus software out there, who unlike you may be due for renewal. I am an AVG user (for many years) and now with the full Internet Security Suite 2012 and I wouldn't change.

  T0SH 18:47 24 Aug 12

One of the first things that often happens following malware infections, is an inabillity to connect to the internet or the blocking of any online site related to antivirus programs, so given that the usabillity of any cloud based system may be somewhat limited ?

Cheers HC

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