First build. System requirements?

  quikclipper 11:30 12 Jan 12

  KRONOS the First 11:41 12 Jan 12


  quikclipper 13:05 12 Jan 12

sorry, i made that post before registering somehow, then it got lost :?

Anyway. im going to start my first pc build. Win 7 OS. My plan is to get rid of my TV and run everything through the pc. I will be running freeview and watching lots of movies and listening to music a lot through a very good sound system. Ill be playing some old school games like GTA and driver (im not a real game head). The only other significant thing would be the occasional use of some 3D drafting software solid edge. It wont be heavily used around 3 hrs a day. I realise i could buy something off the shelf for the job but i like the idea of building something. i have seen a case with a 500w PSU that i like and i have a hard drive and dvd drive. Im mainly interested in what model(s) of motherboard and cpu i could use.


  KRONOS the First 13:42 12 Jan 12

Most important factor is your budget?????

What is the case /PSU combo,can you post a link.

Looking at your use of the software Solid Edge you might want to have a look here: Supported GPU's So you might want to have a look at these first. I think you are looking at a minimum I5/I7 CPU with a decent P67 mobo. You don't say what sort of storage you are after, whether you want a SSD boot drive or not. You will need a TV card preferably one with a remote.

  quikclipper 15:19 12 Jan 12

budget is as low as possible, using bits and bobs from ebay and existing sata hard drives,cables if updating from an old dell low profile optiplex p4 that on its last legs. i dont think ill need a solid state boot drive at this stage. will an AMD phenom be of no use to me?

  KRONOS the First 16:15 12 Jan 12

For that price the PSU in that case will be absolute crap.

Will an AMD phenom be of no use to me? Very likely but which on?I hate guessing games. You have not mentioned what GPU you are going to go for which will have a bearing on the CPU choice particularly as you want something that will be fine with 3D drafting software Solid Edge.If they are not compaible then you will have bottle-necking to contend with. Your existing Sata drives will be fine,cables are cheap as chips.

  quikclipper 16:37 12 Jan 12

ok, thanks for the heads-up on the PSU.

im going to have a look around this evening and come back with (hopefully) some more educated ideas.

thanks for now

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