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  toni b 11:44 26 Nov 03

So my dad has told me that when he tries to install os (xp pro) he is informed there are no HD.The Hd are a raptor click here and a barracuda sata click here he has check all leads and jumper settings were needed in the bios it is set to detect automatically and now he has discovered that in the bios something to with RAID and that through this setting he can actually see the HD info on screen .Even though they are two different speeds of hd can they be set up as RAID array or is it not benifical???????
If not what now must be done so raptor is primary and barrucada is (slave they are on one cable)and one of the drives does not have jumpers sata drive in the manual it says something about auto configuring to master.........if more info is need then please ask oh and mobo is click here regards Toni

  MichelleC 12:52 26 Nov 03

This may help click here Not an ace on hd's, but raid makes multi-hd's as 1, so may have to disable raid, and use 98 boot disk to fsdisk (or may be able to do it with xp disk.

  cycoze 14:44 26 Nov 03

Sata drives have 1 cable each to connect to the Motherboard , unless you have a drive that has both a SATA and IDE interface .

When using on a with Sata cable`s , the drive without jumper settings would be picked up as primary or master , depending on which motherboard SATA socket its connected to.

If the drives have been setup using SATA cables , they will not show up in most BIOS as HDD , also your boot sequence would have to be setup using SCSI instead of HDD.

Its recommended to use the same size/speed drives for RAID arrays , in laymans terms , you have two types of array , first a mirror which copies data exactly to both drives , the benefit of this would be if one drive failed you would have an exact copy to carry on with , this also works as the slower option.

The other type of array as far as i can interpret , means the data is spread across two or more drives , so what ever data is getting written is split across them in chunks , say 100kb to the first drive , 100kb to the second drive , next 100kb to the first drive so on , t6his is reputedly the faster array.

I have SATA drives but havent bothered with RAID , i dont see any real benefit for myself , it would probably benefit an office server as a safegaurd using the mirror array.

Thats my take on it , hopefully you will get some more input from others.

  Rayuk 19:14 26 Nov 03

Dose he press F6 during instal routine and instal sata driver via floppy?
If not that is why no hd is showing.

What motherboard are you using?

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