First Build concerns???

  paulblundall 04 Apr 12

Hello all...

I'm fairly new here but have been browsing this website for months, trying my hardest to research my new PC that I'm putting together (my first) for my Uni studies (yes, Im a mature student, but still in full time work), and am unsure so far of the compatibility of my components, and my question to you all would be, "Can anyone foresee any concerns with compatibility issues so far for the components that I have purchased before I go ahead and assemble it?". The components I have so far are:

1 - Asus P9X79 Deluxe mother board. 2 - Intel I7 3820 CPU. 3 - Sapphire Radeon HD 6970. 4 - Intel 60GB 520 SSD. (Boot drive) 5 - Sandisk Extreme 120Gb SSD. (Was origionally going to use a HDD for main drive, but have decided to go the SSD route and will purchase further storage space as and when I need it as I do not need massive amounts of storage. Although I am unsure if its a good idea to have a seperate SSD boot drive now I have decided to go the SSD main drive route???)

I am not looking to over clock anything and would also appreciate recomendations for a suitable PSU and fan/heat sink. I've also yet to figure out what speed memory to slot into the Mobo.

I believe that I have some pretty good (all brand new) components lined up and have amased these through shrewed eBaying and shopping on the internet. I'm only a week or two away now from assembling it all, and just know, come the time, I'm going to be biting my nails, with my fingers crossed hoping that it works??!! It's all a learning curve though!!!

Any advice/pointers would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to some helpful replies.



  KRONOS the First 04 Apr 12

Would be useful to know what your main use for the PC is. You have a high end GPU plus an equally high end mobo,so that would suggest a gamer? What O/S 32BIT or 64BIT?

A decent 550W - 650W PSU should be more than enough,unless you are planning tri-SLI in the future with that mobo.

If you are not overclocking then the stock heatsink will be fine, but something like a Corsair H80 CPU Cooler would be good.

Do not forget thermal paste needed for CPU/Heatsink.

  paulblundall 04 Apr 12

Hi there,

Thanks for reply. I'm currently at the beggining of Studying an IT/Geoscience degree and will be using some powerful 3D mapping software for plotting and rendering etc in the near future (Hydrographic surveying) and yes will be using my pc for gaming too. The reason I have these particular components is that I found some exceptional deals for them as combos on the internet, so I couldn't let them pass.

Will be going with Windows 7 64 bit.

I'm on a big PC learning curve at the moment, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is the PC case an important consideration? I'm concerned about the GPU fitting into the case!!! Any recommendations?

  KRONOS the First 04 Apr 12

Well you will want decent cooling in your case and preferably quiet. You might like to look at Coolermaster,or Antec or NZXT but there are others.

My gaming rig is in a Lian Li PC 8 FI and my secondary rig has a Fractal design Define R3 both cases are excellent and will take your GPU.

If you spot a case that you like you will usually find that the case makers website will give specific info on the size of GPU the case can comfortably handle.

  rdave13 04 Apr 12

For PC cases I'd recommend going for one that supports ATX and below motherboard sizes.


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