Fireworks help needed

  Pedlow 20:45 21 Aug 06

Using Fireworks, I want to know how to fade a chosen colour into a picture, and then have a layer of text over the top of the image. For example, the left-hand side of the image will be blue, then fading/merging into a picture. The two layers should merge seamlessly. I have seen this done but would like to know how to achieve it. Thanks.

  RicScott 21:05 21 Aug 06

1.Open you picture image
2.Draw a box the same colour as you want the layer, (colour to fade into the picture).
3.Ensure that the coloured box is the top layer.
4.Click the box and press F8 to create a graphic.
5 Click on Command > Creative > Fade Image.
6.Choose the direction of the fade and press ok.

You can move the fade by clicking on the faded box and then dragging the command line in the direction you want it to add or subtract the fade..

Is that what you meant??

  Pedlow 21:08 21 Aug 06

Yes, I think that's what I'm trying to achieve. I'll give it a go now. Cheers.

  Pedlow 21:12 21 Aug 06

That's exactly what I was after RicScott. Thanks a lot.

  RicScott 21:32 21 Aug 06

No worries..

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