firewire v usb

  thefoolmonte 17:47 25 Nov 07

I had obtained the impression from reading some reviews that firewire is a much speedier method of backing up to an external hard disk than using usb.

However on looking up the Western Digital website for details of their wdg1c5000 My Book External Drive it states that the transfer rates are 400 Mbits/s (max) for Firewire and 480 Mbits/s (max) for usb 2.0.

So what is the point of using firewire if it is not faster ?

  Technotiger 17:53 25 Nov 07

USB is I believe the favoured method for doing backups to an external drive, it is the method I use. I do have the availability of using firewire, but only use this for connecting a camcorder.

  eedcam 18:15 25 Nov 07

Is it not also that usb is for Data in packets as opposed to firewire which is continuous therfore better for the likes of camcorder footage

  woodchip 18:26 25 Nov 07

I use both, and there is not much in it speed wise in USB2 and Firewire. USB2 is more avalable, and tend to get used most on my comps

  woodchip 18:30 25 Nov 07

There is no difference with My JVC camcorder. only differens is that with my version of Pinnacle. The Firewire Connection picture turns my camera on and off It's like using on off button on the camcorder

  karmgord 19:37 25 Nov 07

firewire is better and faster and uses a lot less cpu overhead ,that said usb2 on a modern machine will show no differance worth mentioning and is much more universally accepted.I use firewire & scsi both superior but I fear both will die out ,firewire now that the Ipod no longer uses it and scsi due to cost.

  eedcam 22:51 25 Nov 07

Not with my Panny woodchip

  DieSse 01:37 26 Nov 07

It depends which version of Firewire is in use - there is a Firewire800 (800Mbps).

And even with basic Firewire, throughput is faster in some applications (eg disc transfers) due to architectural advantages.

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