Firewire or USB2?

  Jak_1 00:08 09 Dec 05

I'm thinking of getting an ext hdd, is it better to get one with a firewire conection, I have 2 firwire ports,a USB2 conection or a dual system.
The reason I ask is I want to transfer a lot of large files from my C and D drives and would like a fast transfer rate.

  Migwell 00:12 09 Dec 05

USB 2 is faster than Firewire but not by a lot.

I would go for USB2 given the choice!

  Totally-braindead 00:15 09 Dec 05

Why not look for one that has both assuming its not more expensive.

  Jak_1 00:23 09 Dec 05


Why not look for one that has both assuming its not more expensive.

Have looked at that, not much diff in price. Prob the best way forward then at least I have the choice of either or.

Thanks for all replies.

  mgmcc 00:47 09 Dec 05

USB 2.0 has a *nominal* speed of 480Mbps compared to Firewire's 400Mbps, but in practice Firewire is actually the faster technology.

  Mytob 00:49 09 Dec 05

there is a newer version of firewire in the works at apple at the moment. id wait for that if i were you and then make the choise.

  Jak_1 00:55 09 Dec 05

Many thanks for all replies.

  wee eddie 07:30 09 Dec 05

I bought one that has both.

It is now connected through the Firewire.

All my USB connections are in use!

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