Firewire Card

  molby5 21:58 24 Feb 07

Hi there,

we have just installed a new firewire card in our PC - IEEE 1394A - and we cannot get the computer to recognise it and it is not in My Computer Folder. In BIOS it comes up as being recognised and enabled and in Windows when we go into Device Manager it is in there and the device status is that it is working properly. The troubleshooter does not throw up any answers as to why?

Anybody got any ideas?


  Technotiger 22:01 24 Feb 07

I don't understand what you expect to see, it is not like a hard-drive or cdrom drive, it is just a connection point.

  woodchip 22:02 24 Feb 07

What do you mean by "we cannot get the computer to recognise it" you will only see it work when something is connected to it. It does not show as a Drive

  molby5 22:03 24 Feb 07

ah right so would it only become visible if we connected the firewire lead?

  woodchip 22:05 24 Feb 07

And the bit that goes on the end. like a camera or hard Drive etc

  Technotiger 22:06 24 Feb 07

The board would not become visible, but the item connected to it would work as it should. If you connected a camera for instance, then yes, the camera would appear in My Computer.

  ed-0 22:21 24 Feb 07

Also, have you loaded the drivers and software for the card?

Control panel > network connections Is the card listed there.

also control panel > modem > they are sometimes listed there.

  FatboySlim71 22:22 24 Feb 07

I installed a firewire card in my pc the other week, I am running XP Pro.

You should have seen after you had installed the firewire card and switched your pc back on the "found new hardware" message after windows had loaded, like the others have said, you will only notice the firewire working when you connect a firewire device for example an external hard drive, the firewire card just lets you make use of firewire devices, if you connect an external hard drive to your pc by firewire the mentioned hard drive will show up in My Computer, but the firewire alone (with nothing connected to it) will not show up in My Computer.

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