PC840 30 Sep 12

How good is Wndows7 firewall? I may have been hacked and can I find out if I have?

  KRONOS the First 30 Sep 12

I have used windows firewall since moving to Windows 7, it seems from reviews pretty reliable but I must admit I am not a security fanatic. I use Windows firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials and that is about it. Oh and I notice I have Malwarebytes but rarely use it.

The question is why do you think you have been 'hacked'?

  PC840 30 Sep 12

'The question is why do you think you have been 'hacked'?' because on a forum and the other person seems to be coming up with personal details, that he could have only got off my hard drive. So unless it was an incredible guess then I may have been hacked, some how!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 30 Sep 12

Try using Shields Up here to test your fiewall

However any firewall is only as good as you let it be Trojans etc. can be downloaded unwittingly with other data. so I suggest you use a good antivirus and antimalware program such as Malwarebytes to scan your machine.

  spuds 30 Sep 12

Your computer is being 'hacked' all the time, but not in the way you might image, or perhaps need to get over worried about.

Do you use or have any 'antiware' programs on your computer?.

There is apparently a possible 'hacking' problem with Java on Windows, OSX and Linux browsers, and you can see if Java is okay (if its on your computer browser) by trying Not sure if Shields Up will do the same check!.

  PC840 30 Sep 12

Thanks for replies! And everything seems to be checking out OK!

'Do you use or have any 'antiware' programs on your computer?'I'm using Avast Free, is that good enough?

  spuds 30 Sep 12

Avast free is good enough, I have used it for years with daily updates and without fault, in fact I have just renewed for the next twelve months.

Would perhaps suggest that you download and use SuperAntiSpyware, run a check, then let it work continue working in the background on your computer. You can get it from

You will also find most of the other suggestions or others from that same website.


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