crespo 03:17 06 Oct 06

Hey all! This is Crespo calling.I'm thinking of adding a stronger firewall than Windows xp on my laptop. I've read some reviews etc.& it seems that ZoneAlarm would be a good choice. However, i'm told that a personal firewall such as ZoneAlarm blocks out incoming & outgoing traffic & could block in/out e-mails.I've a friend who lives in the US & it's the only way we keep in touch.It's important i keep in contact with her! Is there a chance that ZoneAlarm could block incoming e-mail from the US? I'm using Hotmail by the way.Any help will be v. appreciated.Cheers.C

  skidzy 06:54 06 Oct 06

Zonealarm has always been good to me crespo,you will need to spend a little time configuring access with the prompts for allow and deny this program.

Normally after a couple of weeks it settles down and like i say has been trouble free on 2 other systems for 3 years.

  Ollyolly 08:13 06 Oct 06

I can only repeat what Skidzy says.
I've had no problem with the free version for some years. An update to Zone Alarm was only issued last week or the week before. So if you download now (I think it was around 10Mb) you will be up to date.
It doesn't take long to configure. In most cases I use the default. The programme comes with a tutorial to help you.

  ^wave^ 11:16 06 Oct 06

zonealarm for me and its free

  anskyber 11:22 06 Oct 06

ZoneAlarm no problems for me. I e-mail the USA regularly.

  SB23 11:35 06 Oct 06

Another vote for Zonealarm from me too!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:01 06 Oct 06

Firewalls :-
Comodo Personal Firewall 2.0 click here
Filesclab click here
Jetico click here
Kerio4 click here
Netveda click here
Nrt firewall 2.0.1 click here
Outpost free click here
R-firewall click here
Securepoint click here
Softperfect click here
Sygate click here
Wyvernworks click here
ZoneAlarm click here

ZA very good but can be problematic with networked PCs

I now use Sygate, HAve also used Kerio is good.

Comodo is well regarded but have not used personally.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 06 Oct 06

No firewall should block e-mails provided you give the firewall permission to allow your e-mail program (Outlook et.) tp access the net.

  birdface 21:21 06 Oct 06

Downloaded Zone Alarm about a fortnight ago, Had nothing but trouble with it,Eventually got rid of it, And I am now using Comodo, Which is also free,There were Quite a few others on here at the same time with the same problem,I see it has now been up-dated, So probably all faults have been fixed,

  rdave13 21:28 06 Oct 06

Running Comodo firewall a while now and think it's very good. On a new download it's advisable to click on security icon and then click on "scan for known applications". Get less popups to "allow" or not. Great app. I think.

  Mr Beeline 21:39 06 Oct 06

Fruit Bat /\0/
"ZA very good but can be problematic with networked PCs". I would agree with this, having just swapped from a USB BB modem to a 4 port router. One of the little "tricks" you need to be aware of, is to add the IP address for your DNS/DHCP server to "trusted zone" in Zonealarm. Took me ages to work this one out. All tended to work fine, until the PC was left alone for a few hours, then next time you tried to access the Internet... you couldn't and had to dis-able / enable the LAN. You live and learn.

Other than the above, I've used Zonealarm for many years and always found it to be a good and usually reliable product.

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