Firewall - what should I set it to allow/block?

  Pier1 15:35 16 Feb 03

Hi, I've been using Tiny Personal Firewall (suggestions for better FW welcome), and as with other firewalls I've used I always get confused as to what to allow and block, when asked by the firewall.

I know that I need to allow for all the net related applications eg Outlook, Explorer, MSN Messenger etc. but how do I know that an illegitimate communication is being attempted?

I keep seeing things like numerical addresses, kernel and other system-sounding things.

Any help?

  Lú-tzé 16:21 16 Feb 03

Best Internet Security Web Sites For End Users -- For more information about these topics, take a look at the Home PC Firewall Guide -

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StormRanger - click here

TomCat - click here

UIUC click here

Wilders - click here.

  Pier1 18:42 16 Feb 03

Any more direct answers tho?

  Pier1 15:44 17 Feb 03

Ideally I'd like a list of things I should allow eg my friend's PC on the LAN and other system things (apart from, of course, the obvious applications I have installed that I know need to connect to the net).

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