Firewall: using MSN Messenger /Mozilla Firefox

  toofy 21:24 09 Sep 07

I use Firefox as my browser. The Windows/IE firewall is OFF. On rare occasions we see our grandchildren via a webcam using MSN Messenger. I have noticed this uses IE. Does this mean our pc is vulnerable whilst we are talking via the webcam link? If this is the case, do I have to turn the Windows Firewall ON & the Firefox firewall OFF everytime we use MSN Messenger?

  brundle 22:14 09 Sep 07

The firewall should be on, it's not specific to IE, there is no `Firefox firewall`. If any programs need access to certain ports the firewall will ask for permission and only open those ports during the time that program is running. Why is it off in the first place? Previous problems? Not such a security risk if you are using a router but a definite no-no if you are connected to BB via an ordinary USB modem.

  birdface 07:09 10 Sep 07

Your Firewall should be on at all times.An alternative to Windows Firewall is Kerio its free and works just like W/Firewall with no pop-ups annoying you all the time.It can be downloaded from here It will automatically switch W/Firewall of when it installs itself,Just install it in simple mode.

  toofy 07:25 10 Sep 07

On the recommendations of Malwaremoval I installed ZoneAlarm Free as my firewall.When doing this I think the procedure included instructions to change Windows Firewall to OFF. Sorry but I am unable to say whether I use a router or an ordinary USB, being pc ignorant.
My original concern will be dealt with if someone will kindly confirm that ZoneAlarm Free firewall is operating when connecting on the webcam to my son etc via MSN Messenger/IE. Thanks for your help.

  birdface 07:49 10 Sep 07

As long as your computer is switched on .Zone alarm will be working,Now you really need a good Anti-Virus and Spyware programs as those protect your computer with your Firewall.If you have all three it would be perfectly safe to use your webcam.Now the problem with messenger is with kids about they want to download Messenger plus which is one program that I would never download,If they have this downloaded their computer will be at risk.But to answer your question it's perfectly safe to use your webcam.

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