Firewall - Recommendation?

  Bevan Ashford 09:16 21 Apr 08

So there I was thinking I was very clever and would buy separate Antivirus, Malware and Firewall products.

But I was unable to find a recommended stand alone Firewall product recommended by PC Advisor without added antivirus or malware elements?

Are there none worth recommending for under £30?

If not can anyone recommend the best free Firewall to use?

The antivirus I itended to buy was Kapersky and the anti-malware product Spyware Doctor.

Thank you.

  Technotiger 09:18 21 Apr 08
  birdface 10:00 21 Apr 08

Comodo is supposed to be the best.Kerio is also very good.Both are free.With kerio I think you can purchase the pro version and its not expensive.

  summerisle2008 10:06 21 Apr 08

I have used Comodo for about 18 months and find it very good.......and FREE

  FatboySlim71 10:11 21 Apr 08

I use the Windows Vista firewall. Others may say that it is not a very good firewall, but personally I have not had any problems with it, nor did I have any problems with the XP firewall that I used previous to getting Vista.

I did use Comodo a few weeks ago but I started getting a lot of blue screens since I started using it. After I went back the Windows Vista firewall I stopped getting them.

In my opinion, if you use a good anti virus program, anti spyware programs, then any free firewall (including the Windows firewall) will be good enough, and even more so if you are using a modem/router that has a SPI firewall built into it.

  Ditch999 17:05 21 Apr 08

If you go for Kaspersky (which I have) please be aware that it is NOT compatible with the free Zone Alarm firewall.

  SimpleSimon1 17:29 21 Apr 08


Take a look at the following link to Scots Newsletter where he's just finished a monster (and fairly technical) review of 2008 Firewalls.
click here

His choice is Online Armor which is stand-alone and in your price range plus he gives reasons why other firewalls fell by the way. May be of interest.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:29 21 Apr 08

"In my opinion, if you use a good anti virus program, anti spyware programs, then any free firewall (including the Windows firewall) will be good enough"

Windows firewalls will not stop outgoing transmissions if you get a trojan / keylogger

Get a decent Firewall - Kerio - Sygate - Zonalarm - Comdo just use 1

1 antivirus AVG or AVAST

1 realtime Antispyware scanner + a backup (not realtime scanning)

  FatboySlim71 22:46 21 Apr 08

Fruit Bat thats why I said "use a good anti spyware, anti virus" as good ones of these will detect the keylogger/trojan that you mention.

I run my anti spyware programs daily and twice a week I run my anti virus and I have never had any problems.

  Bevan Ashford 13:40 23 Apr 08

Thanks to everybody for their replies. Incredibly comprehensive.

Many Thanks to Everybody.

I will tick it as resolved next week, for now I'm leaving it open in case anybody else wishes to add a comment.

  Poitier 14:03 23 Apr 08

If you are intent on buying Kapersky antivirus remember that it is dificult to find a firewall that is compatible wiith it.This is more important with XP than Vista.It also contains a good antispyware program.If you want another firewall far better to buy Kaspersky Internet Security in the first place.

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