the_mix090 14:54 09 Feb 05

I have an router with built in ADSL modem. The router has its own firewall. I also have installed on my PC Norton internet security which also has a firewall.

My question is do I need 2 firewalls? Will the firewall on my router give my pc the required protection from attacks?

Many thanks,


  MichelleC 15:10 09 Feb 05

I have Kerio software fw plus router fw plus avg plus ewido plus adaware plus spywareblaster plus script sentry and I still pick up viruses/trojans (which are easy to clean off).

  Mike D 15:23 09 Feb 05

I agree with Michelle C, I too have router firewall and software firewall and thigs do get past the router.

Mike D

  Mike D 15:23 09 Feb 05

and things

  The BB 15:26 09 Feb 05

router firewall will protect against IP probing and port blocking etc. the software on your machine can be tailored to programs so its different levels of filtering.

Keep 'em both, plus Anti-Virus and anti-spyware tools

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