Firewall problem maybe

  buteman 26 May 12

Just browsing through Emisofts Hijackfree and found those 2 problems.

Now I am not sure if they are False positives or not but anyone know how I would find out for sure.

Just Downloaded Eset Smart Security on Wednesday and using there firewall.So not sure if it is there Firewall or Windows firewall where the problem lies.

I know very little about Firewalls so not that sure where to start.

  KRONOS the First 26 May 12

If as I suspect these are nasties and this suggests they are, trojan port List, how do you manage to get so many problems, I cannot remember the last time I got anything unpleasant on my PC and I only use two anti programs + firewall and I download quite a bit via U torrent (legal stuff) yet I only scan my PC when I get a nag screen and of course after downloading something and yet I get nothing. Puzzling.

  buteman 26 May 12


Not sure if they are problems or not as Emisoft never warned me of any when running scans I only found them when looking through their Hijackfree program.

I did run another scan from another program which said all my ports were locked and Ok.

  buteman 26 May 12

This is what i get when i open Hijackfree and go to, Open local ports.

When opening the first problem file I noticed a log from TDS Killer So not sure if it is showing that as the problem.

  buteman 26 May 12

Just run this on both ports and it finds no problems.

  KRONOS the First 26 May 12

Ignore it then.

  buteman 26 May 12

Yes was thinking that myself Chronus I have set the filter to high on both ports just to be in the safe side.Thanks.


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