Firewall choice

  thumbscrew 23:35 30 Aug 08

I've used Bullguard anti-virus and firewall for almost three years and it's about to expire. On an earlier machine I used the free Avast and Zone Alarm.
Rather than renew Bullguard I'm pondering over going back to the freebies. I feel confident about Avast, but unsure about a free firewall.
Comodo sounds very good, but after reading about it, seems to require frequent tweaks and may intrude regularly.
I can't be doing with this...too much hassle and fuss with frequent on screen warnings etc...that's not what I want, I like a quiet life and at least the Bullguard firewall seems to do its job without bothering me at all.
Bearing in mind all the above, can anyone recommend one?

  skidzy 23:59 30 Aug 08

With Vista machines i do not recommend a third party firewall as its own is normally good enough for the basic user,however in xp,ive always found Zonealarm the easiest to manage.
Obviously this takes a week or two to settle down,but after that...all is normally well and it works away in the background for you with limited disturbance.

  rdave13 00:03 31 Aug 08

On Vista I'm trying out PC Tools firewall plus free version. Ok so far and doesn't grumble half as much as Comodo. Setting are straightforward. click here and scroll down for the free version download.

  thumbscrew 00:10 31 Aug 08

Thanks skidzy and rdave...I'm using XP, does PC Tools work on that? Zone Alarm, so many recommendations..mmmm?

  rdave13 00:21 31 Aug 08

PC Tools firewall works on XP.

  thumbscrew 00:49 31 Aug 08

Thanks pal...I'll check it out.

  birdface 08:43 31 Aug 08

Kerio[free] Firewall.No pop ups wanting you to allow or deny programs.

  thumbscrew 09:09 31 Aug 08

Thanks buteman I'll check that one out as well.

  User-1229748 10:58 31 Aug 08

i'm also trying pc tools firewall and using avira anti virus free,seem to be a good combination on vista,no problems and easy to use :-)

  thumbscrew 18:18 31 Aug 08

Thanks smackheadz, I'll add those two to my check list.

  thumbscrew 18:29 31 Aug 08

Buteman, are you using the "Simple" or "Advanced" setting of Kerio?

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