Firewall blocks access to computer? Concerns.

  albu 12:49 02 Apr 04

Over the last few days of first signing on to the internet I get a message from my firewall saying that it has blocked access to my pc? As I use dial up this can temporarily be resolved by signing off then on again.

Should I be concerned that this is happening or happy that my firewall is working as it should?

Is there anything else I can do to prevent this happening as the firewall gives me details ie
TCP port ??? from

Many Thanks

  hugh-265156 12:55 02 Apr 04

its not blocking you,its blocking other computers from sharing information on your computer.

sounds like its working well.

most firewalls allow you to turn of these alerts and browse in peace.what firewall do you have.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 22:59 02 Apr 04

These are probably perfectly harmless, pings or handshakes, which are perfectly normal.

As Huggyg71 says, if you get alerts then the firewall is doing it's job.

  spuds 18:17 03 Apr 04

If it's ZoneAlarm that you are using, check what level of security you have, and change this to suit yourself. Other firewalls have similar procedures.

A little site browse for more info click here.

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