carolann 18:43 02 Sep 03

norton security unable to enable firewall

  Lozzy 18:44 02 Sep 03

Uninstall re boot then re install

  furkin 20:16 02 Sep 03

Hi there,
I'm also having a problem with norton firewall. I have just bought the downloadable 'bundled' version (NAV + NPF)
NAV works fine,,, I just cannot find the firewall at all.
i've been on to Symantec,,, but the replies are taking 4 days.
I thought that it was just me !!
I hope you get it sorted,,, if I get it done by Norton, will let you know.
Good Luck

  the lone cloner 20:24 02 Sep 03

if you are using xp have you got the onboard firewall disabled?

  carolann 21:55 02 Sep 03

Main Problem is that My Father picked up a worm. We found that he had no sercuity on at all, so added Norton security, but not able to enable Firewall. Nevertheless We were able to clear the worm with blaster, but the "shut down"problem is still there. And we are still unable to enable firewall.

  furkin 23:51 02 Sep 03

Hi Lone Cloner,
I am using XP Pro & didn't realise that it has a built in Firewall.
1/ how do I access this ?
2/ how do I see if I actually received the Symantec version that I thought I had downloaded (Symantec said that if I bought the NIS it is all in one download,,, but I bought a NAV & NPF bundle as advertised on their site.
many thanks for your reply

  kyprosman 00:06 03 Sep 03

try control panel,network connections,right click on your internet connection choose properties then the advance tab.the xp firewall should be there.

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