Firefox and youtube downloader?

  PC840 12:25 23 Jul 10

I've been using a youtube downloader, which has stopped downloading! I've uninstalled and reinstalled firefox and sevaral different
downloaders, but none will work! Any opinions?

  northumbria61 17:34 23 Jul 10

Is it up to date? Try deleting it and downloading it again, maybe one of the files got corrupted

  PC840 18:53 23 Jul 10

Have done!

  johnnyrocker 19:57 23 Jul 10



  PC840 22:00 23 Jul 10

And! Well I've completly reinstalled Win7 and it's just the same!!! It neeed a reinstall for other matters anyhow, so lost nothing there.

  superhoops 00:36 24 Jul 10

I had this problem and found by googling that it is because of something youtube have done. (Also standalone program "youtube downloader" has stopped wortking) On a recommendation what I have used tonight and very successfully is this website
click here

  Bapou 19:10 24 Jul 10

As superhoops says, this happens when You Tube makes a change, as a result YTDownloader has to create a 'fix'.

click here for the latest news on the problem by YTD.

It's a regular occurrence and just a question of waiting until YTD finds the solution. Which they normally do in a reasonably short period of time.

  PC840 12:56 25 Jul 10

Thanks for the info! I've been using a stand alone "grabber", after a lot of trails I've settled on "Moyea" until youtube get it sorted!


  PC840 00:02 27 Jul 10

I've just recieved an update from downloadhelper, in Firefox, to put right what youtube had messed up!

  Bapou 16:00 27 Jul 10

You Tube Downloader, version 2.5.7, now available which cures the problem.

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