Firefox won't start - or stop!

  Taurus 15 Jan 13

Help please, I have, or rather had Firefox as my preferred browser, fully up to date etc, but it seemingly without reason, stopped working. I found that when I tried to start it, it informed me that it is already running although Task Manager fails to identify it as a running process; restarting as requested fails to have any effect as does a repair/install. I have tried uninstalling it but 3 .dll files stubbornly refuse to go no matter how I try to sneak up on them. I have found reference to the problem on the interweb but as to yet, no luck with resolving it. Please help as I have been reduced to using Internet Explorer and it has taken me 5 days to get this far (OK, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift). Breakfast in bed for a week for anyone that can restore my Firefox and my sanity.


  finerty 16 Jan 13

download latest version from file hippo dot com onto a pen drive.

Or try unistalling it, and then try to download latest version from filehippo. See you MCL

  difarn 16 Jan 13

Did you remove the profile lock file as in this article from Mozilla?

  Taurus 16 Jan 13

Thank you everybody for your responses. I did remove the profile lock as per the article difarn, but only tried again to unsuccessfully remove the three stubborn dll files afterwards. However, after re-installing Firefox post removal, it started fine. I can now re-asign IE to the trash bin where it so rightly belongs and smile as the throbbing in my temples subsides. Breakfast in bed for all of you, cheers!!


  difarn 16 Jan 13

Same here Taurus. Jock1e, I actually find Firefox 18 better - the previous version caused slow loading of some web pages, notably online newspapers.

  Taurus 16 Jan 13

Now I have Firefox back (18) I have been testing them against each other and the results are consistantly in favour of Firefox. I have 32bit Vista on the machine in question and Firefox starts quicker, loads pages quicker and is generally more responsive than IE, and not by any small margin I hasten to add, but I guess you pay your money and you make your choice. It goes without saying that FF is my choice. Thanks again for your help.



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