Firefox wont open some site pages

  MuDelta 18 Mar 13

On my family (second) computer I cannot open some pages within a site eg My Posts in PCA and others elsewhere but there is no problem with other machines - this one for example. Clearly, it has something to do with the machine (runs XP). the machine I am writing this on has W 7. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox (19.02) & updated plug-ins, all to no effect. Help!!

  spuds 18 Mar 13

Have you installed any 'ad-blocker' programs on the machine you are having problems, and also the other machines?.

Do you use Avast, and you do, did the recent Avast update advice that you download Abode Air, and you installed that?.

  MuDelta 18 Mar 13

spuds No ad-blockers on any of the machines; the other two have no probs. I am not using Avast and Abode Air is not installed.

  difarn 18 Mar 13

Have you tried clearing your cache?

Try clicking on "view" then "page style" and make sure that "basic page style" is selected.

  Bris 18 Mar 13

Try clicking on HELP then "restart with add ons disabled".

  MuDelta 18 Mar 13

Cashe cleared, am using basic page style. No result!

  MuDelta 18 Mar 13

Bris No joy!

  difarn 18 Mar 13

Have you tried another browser to see if it still happens?

You could see if there is a Javascript error...

Go to the Tools Menu -> Options

Under the Content Tab, click Advanced for Enable Javascript

Uncheck all items and click OK.

Close and restart Firefox.

  Bris 18 Mar 13

A bit obscure this one but worth a try anyway... tools>options>advanced>networks>connection>settings> and make sure "no proxy" is ticked.

As difarn suggested its worth trying another browser.

  MuDelta 18 Mar 13

difarn / bris

Tried all of that except another browser -will do so later - Rest time!!


  purplepig 19 Mar 13

i find safari wont work right with some sites too, but i then try firefox or chrome as a backup


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