Firefox wont let me purchase from CDWOW

  hawthorn59 21:13 25 Oct 07

Is firefox in league with the Music Companies I wonder!!??

I can get as far as the purchase page in CD WOW but then get a blank page. I emailed them and they said it is often the browsers not allowing cookies, and gave me instructions for IE and Netscape, but nothing for the culprit, Firefox!

Cookies are enabled in Firefox, I cant see what other settings i might have to adjust. I switched to IE7 and it worked straight away without any adjustments.

Just wondering where else Firefox needs to be adjusted.


  Stuartli 22:38 25 Oct 07

From Tools>Options>Privacy tab>try adding this website to the Exceptions tab and Allowing it.

  birdface 22:40 25 Oct 07

If this is the one it works Ok for here on Firefox.

  hawthorn59 03:07 26 Oct 07

Its the same site, just the irish version,

Im surprised at Firefox....


  Stuartli 08:39 26 Oct 07

It's not necessarily Firefox - more likely configuration.

  Stuartli 08:40 26 Oct 07

You do have the latest version,

  Snec 10:08 26 Oct 07

Be aware there are many, many sites not compatible with firefox.

  hawthorn59 13:41 26 Oct 07

Yes i have the latest version. This is not the first site that isnt compatible with firefox, true. I had one or two before. Just that in this case the site itself is compatible up to the point where I want to purchase.

Oh well, I've done it with IE7 now anyway!


  Stuartli 16:21 26 Oct 07

Strange. I buy a wide range of products from an extensive selection of online retailers over the course of a year, plus at least three financial accounts, and it's all done using Firefox...:-)

  numskull 18:18 26 Oct 07

Probably a silly question but do you have "No script" installed? Unless you have the page allowed it could block it.

  CurlyWhirly 21:11 26 Oct 07

I'm using Firefox and I have 'No Scrips' installed and the page still loads for me.

I'm informed on the taskbar that some scrips are blocked so some website content doesn't work properly but it's just a matter of allowing it in the 'No Scripts' options.

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