Firefox /Vodafone problem

  Muergo 13:22 02 Aug 09

Using Firefox 3.5.1 I cannot get into the Vodafone "help" or "contact us" pages, All that appears is "Bad request"
I have tried the error page and other tools in Firefox, but everything is switched to "allow" so cannot understand this message.
Is it Firefox or Vodafone which is not compatible?

Statistics read that I visited the site 63 times today!! Only twice for sure.

  Halmer 13:30 02 Aug 09

with FF 3.5.1 via Pipex

  Halmer 13:31 02 Aug 09


  Sea Urchin 15:09 02 Aug 09

Try removing the cookies for Vodafone - go to Tools/Options/Privacy/Remove Individual Cookies/open the Vodafone folder and highlight all Vf cookies - click Remove Cookies.

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