Firefox Tabs

  woodchip 10:53 AM 08 Oct 12

Running Firefox 15.0.1 though I have tried to change tabs in Options, I cannot get the Browser to automaticley create a new Tab it just opens over the one that is already open. Only way it will do what I want is by Manually clicking on the New Tab+ sign first before opening a new bookmark or link

  northumbria61 11:06 AM 08 Oct 12

woodchip - same here for me. Have tried all different ways to change it but nothing seems to work.

  Woolwell 11:18 AM 08 Oct 12

If I click on a link using the scroll wheel then a new tab opens automatically.

  woodchip 11:37 AM 08 Oct 12

Yes but what if you click on a new Bookmark?

  Woolwell 13:16 PM 08 Oct 12

Same if I click using scroll wheel.

  woodchip 13:50 PM 08 Oct 12

Thanks for that it does on mine

  Zurdo 15:44 PM 08 Oct 12

Do you want a bookmark to open in a new tab? If so right click the bookmark and then click "open in a new tab" If this isn't what you've after..sorry.

  muddypaws 16:18 PM 08 Oct 12

My FF15 opens a new tab automatically.

Just opened a few web shortcuts.See here

Will check my settings.

  muddypaws 16:21 PM 08 Oct 12

Just have the top 5 boxes ticked in options/tabs


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